Om oss

Kelvetino, a Norwegian brand, was born in the summer of 2023 by four individuals. Before that, it was just an idea that the four of us had. All of us come from different backgrounds with different expertise. Despite the differences, we all shared the same vision: "Designing clothes for individuals who appreciate both comfort and elegance".

We all had full-time jobs and families with children to take care of. Despite that, all of us dove into the world of fashion and learned the trade.

Before and after work, we all put in hours upon hours to master different areas in the field. Days were long, and the work became harder. We pushed each other and reminded ourselves why we were doing this. Positive thoughts and the unity of the team made the journey easier and more enjoyable.

We all served as inspiration for each other throughout the process. We faced a lot of challenges along the way. Some hurdles were bigger than others. There were times when it seemed like the end of the road, and we wondered how we would move forward. We overcame all challenges because we never gave up and believed in each other.

We hope our story can inspire people who have a dream but lack the courage to execute it or are going through tough times. Our story shows that it's possible to make something good out of life, even when things seem really bad.